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Hello all..

please forgive me if this isnt the right place for this. I'm a relatively new dog owner (had cats all my life) and my little puppy (Rosebud) has started some heavy breathing today. My wife talk her for a walk this afternoon and she commented that she was breathing heavy for most of the walk. After the walk, she was fine, acting her normal 14 week old self. Ate normally, "played" with my children normally, and so on. Tonight, I took her trick or treating with my four children. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy the walk and the meeting of all kinds of children and other dogs, but I noticed the heavy breathing almost right away.

Part of me wants to stay its because she is pulling on the leash and collar but I dont know.. she was definitely pulling.. but we've walked her many times before today without those results. The second we were home, she was normal again. Do you think this is because she was strenuously trying to lead the way, any other thoughts, outside of this she seems fine.. see her vet?

Any advice for this newbie would be greatly appreciated!