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Good day,
I am hoping to get some advice from someone that may have had a similar problem with their pet. My mother's dog (Pebbles), (shih tzu cross 8/9 yrs old) has stopped eating. She did this once before (a year ago) for about a month or so. After spending $1500 at the vets (they couldn't find anything wrong), she started eating on her own again. Now however, she has stopped eating yet again. The dog was taken to the vet and blood tests were done....nothing was found other than a slightly high white blood count. The vet, of course offers a special food that you can only get at the vets...says this will make the dog healthy. Well the dog wouldn't eat this stuff when she was healthy..she certainly isn't about to eat it now. We try to give her a variety of different dog foods to see if she will eat anything. A little nibble here or there and then nothing. The poor has gone from 14 pounds down to 10 pds and losing hair like crazy (which these dogs are not suppose to). So...off to the vet again, only the emergency animal hospital. They run tests.....ultra sound, xrays, blood tests all the while having the dog on intravenous. Nothing is found to be wrong with the dog. The vet says to give her some vitamins and some other kind of pill (penicillan i think) which we do. The dog still won't eat anything and continues to lose weight. after another month or so, the dog is down to 7 pounds and alot of her hair has already fallen out. Off to the vet (a different one) we go...more tests (ultra sound, xrays, blood tests) are run but nothing is found to be wrong with the dog. She's starving herself to death and no one can seem to find anything..they just want more and more money and cannot offer any results. After close to $5000 and nothing to show for it, I was hoping someone might have had a similar situation and could offer some advice. My mother does not have the money to keep paying vets to run test after test and not find anything wrong. Please help.