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i could really use some advice for my cat..he's 3 yrs old and at his last check-up he weighed in @ 17lbs..way too much according to my vet, so my vet strongly urges me to put him on a diet of cat food from the clinic(Hill's Prescription Diet)..BooBoo(my cat) has been on it since May of this yr and has not lost anything in terms of weight..he was neutered when he was 8 mths old and was a svelt 9 lbs b4 he got snipped..am i just waisting my money on a food that's not going to work?..i'm paying just over $60 for a 10kg bag but i had a friend who's got like 3-4 cats and he suggested i try Science Diet(either the lite or the indoor formulas as Boo is an indoor cat)..any suugestions or tips would be most helpful..i only want to do what's best for my cat..thx

Joined: 12/31/1969
User offline. Last seen 42 years 37 weeks ago.

I would look at moving to wet food and ditching the dry entirely. Wet food is better for cats as it more mimics their natural food in the wild and the lack of moisture in dry food isn't good for them. Plus most dry food, even rx like this, are high in carbs and just like in humans, a high carb diet isn't going to make him any thinner, lol. You have to pay attention to carbs in wet food too. We just switched our 16# diabetic, well, he just got off insulin after switching to all wet food, and it's been great for him. Not sure if he's lost any weight, but we got him off the insulin!