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This is very easy for a big dog big toys I would not use stuffed toys I would much rather use rubber toys or toy balls for them. For a small dog almost everything not big toys. Also Kongs suffed with food in them they are great so that your dog is entertained when you need to work or go out ( MAKE SURE TO PUT THE KONG IN THE FREEZER BECAUSE IF YOU DONT THEN YOUR DOG MIGHT BE DONE WITH IT AS SOON AS YOU WALK OUTSIDE SO PUT THE KONG IN THE FREEZER LET IT STAY IN THERE FOR ABOUT HALF AN HOUR AND IT MIGHT TAKE THIS LONG TO FINISH FOR A BIG DOG ABOUT 30 MIN AND FOR SMALL DOG ABOUT 45 MIN.) At pet stores like Petsmart,Petco,Petland, ETC you can get spray treats that go into the Kong also they just have plain treats that you can buy and put in there, but my favorite thing to do is take peanutbutter and put it inside the Kong and freeze it.( BUT MAKE SURE YOU PUT SOMETHING ON THE BOTTOM OF THE KONG SO THAT NOTHING DRIPS OUT OF IT. You can put a slice for cheese,meat, or what I do which is to cut a slice of banana.

So thats all I can tell you right now and I will post again when I now more PTYL = POST TO YOU LATER ~MARIAH~ AKA the owner of Miley