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I adopted Ginger 2 months ago. She is 5 months old now. I have 2 other adult male cats, both 7 years old, and she is very close to one of them. My beef is that I am a serious cat lover, and from day one Ginger will not let me hold her. She will come lay by me, when she wants to, and will let me pet her when she wants it, but will not let me pick her up and hold her. If I try and force her she contorts herself and twists and turns and scratches until I give up and either let her go, or she gets away. I'm not a kid, I'm 56, and have never had a cat that refused affection. She is indoor only,as are all my cats. She is so busy playing, and even plays fetch with me, but being unable to hold her really bothers me. Is there anything I can do?