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Hi All,
Yesterday on August 28th, my fiance and I went to ACME in the Fox Run Shopping Center in Bear, De. Two children had a shopping cart with these gorgeous kittens and a sign "Free Kittens". As an avid rescuer, I inquired about them. The kids told me that they had found the two kittens abandoned on the side of the road and had been standing outside ACME for 3 hours and nobody wanted them. They had to find them a home that evening. I told them that I would take them in and find them a home in case no one took them. I was very impressed with the dedication these kids (probably ages 8-10)took in order to find them a home. Needless to say, I received a call from their mother and I am looking for a forever home for them. I am taking them to the vet on Monday and will update on their condition, age, and other info. They appear to be very healthy. I would love to provide them a home, but at this time I have 3 dogs and 3 older cats and it is a tad tight in my home!!!

If interested please contact me by email-

Thank you all so much!,
Meredith C

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I have a stray neutered male declawed siamese cat living in my yard. I already have 3 cats and they don't want any more borthers or sisters!! Have called all the rescue places and as usual no one can do anything for me. I live in Tulsa OK and would love to have a good neighbor rescue this really loving cat. He wants to be petted and loved before he eats also follows me around in the yard crying for attention. Help someone please

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