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I would like assistance in how to handle this issue. My dog was recently missing for 8 days. The first night he was gone I was desperate to do everything I could to find him. I posted on multiple free websites, put out numerous fliers and searched the web for ideas. I came across Pet Amber Alert website. It stated for $49.95 numerous notifications would be sent via express mail or fax to local shelters, groomers, vets and pet stores within a 50 mile radius along with a few other promises. I did receive an email with my dog's picture in flier form the next day. My husband and I visited the McKamey Animal Shelter and the local humane society daily seeing if someone had brought him in. We asked after a few days if they had received anything from Pet Amber Alert. They had not received anything nor had they ever heard of them. I became suspicious. The local vet down the street had not received anything either. I called them and could not reach a live person but left a message. It was never returned. I left a couple other messages that were never returned. I actually called and tried to leave information as if I'd found a lost pet and there was no way to even leave a message...it disconnected numerous times. I emailed them with no response until I questioned their legitimacy. I received a response stating it takes several days and I would get a list of organizations that had received information within 24 hours. I never received it. People are registering and paying them daily in hopes they will get their pets returned and nothing is being done to help them except the email they receive with their pets picture on it, which also includes Pet Amber Alert's phone number that no one will answer if someone does call with information regarding their lost pet. I have reported them to Better Business Bureau. Does anyone have other suggestions.