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Blue Buffalo has issued a voluntary recall on certain “Best If Used By” Date Codes of specific dog food formulas. 

Product Bag Size Best Used By Dates
BLUE Wilderness Chicken (Dog)

4.5 lb.,

11 lb.,







BLUE Basics Salmon (Dog)

11 lb.,

24 lb.



BLUE Large Breed Adult Chicken 30 lb.

SEP 22 11 P,

SEP 23 11 P,

OCT 26 11 P

 For more information, please see Blue Buffalo’s press release here. No other date codes or formulas are impacted.  These products are being voluntarily recalled because they may contain Vitamin D at levels that exceed Blue Buffalo’s formula specifications.  If you’ve purchased these products, please stop feeding them immediately and bring them to the closest PetSmart for a full refund. For any additional questions or concerns, please call Blue Buffalo at 1-877-523-9114.