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Russellville, Arkansas FINALLY has a PetSmart! And, best of all, SNAKES ARE TOTALLY COOL TO BRING IN!
Being a pet parent to a "hefty" ball python boy, I've always felt a bit ousted when people ask, "What kinds of pets do you like?" and then would sneer at me when I'd say, "Oh! I have a little dog-- only... he has no legs, and in place of fur, he has scales" (Which is how my family sees it, as well.)
Today was the Grand Opening Celebration, so, I said, "... What the hey, lets go, Ukki! You're more docile than SnapDragon... and you don't bite, either!" so, we spent a large part of the day there... and I have to say, I feel like he may have been the most popular pet in the store! People either ran to us or away from us. Ukki LOVED all the attention and was more than happy to say, "Oh! Hi!! You're petting me! I like you!" to EVERYONE. Children seemed to be, in general, most intrigued. We even posed for a few impromptu pictures together with other customers. There wasn't a second where he felt left out, which made my day, to say the least. We'll DEFINITELY be coming back in frequently!

I'd love to hear stories from other pet parents of these wonderful (albeit often misjudged)sweeties~