Fresh Water en New Red Tailed Shark, Odd Behavior, Not eating <p>Last night I purchased 2 Red Tailed Sharks to add to my new 30-gallon freshwater aquarium. Upon first entering the tank, they were very playful with the Zebra Danios, Red Wags, and Sunburst Platys already there. However, this morning I found both of them nestled in the back right hand corner of the tank near the heater, alone and moving very little. I attempted to feed the fish bloodworms, flakes, and shrimp pellets, but they did not move. </p> <p>Just now I returned from work and they're in the same spot and were disinterested in the food I placed in the tank.</p> Fresh Water Wed, 04 May 2011 23:14:54 +0000 r.freeman0354 190463 at