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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Community > Photos > Isabell Rose Lucas Brother Sister So Very Loving In Need Of A Very Loving Indoor Ho

Isabell Rose & Lucas... Brother & Sister & So Very Loving In Need Of A Very Loving Indoor Home Together...

Pet Parent: GrandmaMartin | Pet: Lucas & Isabella Rose

Hello, I have 2 Precious Cats…. Brother & Sister ….. Lucas & Isabella Rose & they have just turned 4yrs old in March. Lucas is a Blue Russian & Isabella Rose is a Beautiful Black Cat with Green Eyes & Silky Coat. Both are so very loving & due to many back surgeries & complications they are in Great need of a very loving Indoor Home. They love dogs & other cats & children & they have been in a temporary Foster home since Dec….Yet, they are now in a Shelter & in need of a very loving home. Lucas is Beautiful & loves to be loved & Isabella Rose is So Beautiful & Both are So Very Loving….. They both stayed by my side thru a few surgeries & never wanted to leave my side. Due to my own medical issues I had to move & they are now as always have been so very special to me & I have to ensure they have the best home possible & my time is limited within the shelter they are in…. Please help save Lucas & Isabella Rose for they Deserve the Best & are so very Loving & have just been thru a great deal in a very short period of time. God Bless!!!

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