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Pet and Parent Bonding: Training, Toys, and Treats For Your Cat

Learning the ropes Imagine you just became the newest member of an established family in a foreign country. You don’t speak the language or know how to act. This is how it is for your new cat. She really wants to know what to do, or not do, so she can get past the formalities and down to the important business & Read more �


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Making Your New Cat Feel at Home

Your new cat is counting on you to provide the right nutrition, socialization, healthcare and grooming. Help her with the transition to her new home with these tips from PetSmart experts:  How to introduce her to the family The first day you bring home your new pet is special, so make sure you set some time aside to create a calm, happy & Read more �


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The Basics of Preventive Care for Your Cat

Good preventive care begins with careful attention to the basics: Nutrition A healthy diet that provides proper levels of energy and nutrients is the foundation for well-being and disease prevention. Your cat needs a protein-rich food with the highest quality amino acids, such as those found in most premium Pet foods. Good preventive care begins with careful attention to the basics: Nutrition A healthy diet & Read more �


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