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New pet articles on dogs

Choosing the Right Crate

Choosing the Right Crate Size The size of the crate you should purchase depends on the size of your dog. Your dog is physically comfortable when the crate is tall enough for your dog to stand up to his full height without having to duck his head, wide enough to allow your dog to lie on his side and stretch out, & Read more �


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Your Dog's Health

Preventive care Good preventive care begins with careful attention to the basics: Nutrition A healthy, nutritious diet builds a foundation for well-being and disease prevention throughout your Pet's life. As a dog ages, their nutritional needs change; for example, a puppy needs a diet high in calories and protein to maintain its active lifestyle and to grow healthy bones and muscles. An older & Read more �


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Which Crate is Right for Your Pet?

Plastic dog crates Recommended uses: Crate training, travel and at-home containment These portable crates are perfect for the pair that's on the go--many are federally-approved for airline travel! The lightweight top and bottom can be screwed together and taken apart for storage or travel as needed. These dog crates feature ventilation along the sides and a wire door in front that latches & Read more �


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