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Are You Ready to Adopt?

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Adopting a new pet is about so much more than whether you’re a dog or cat person. Do you want an adult dog or cat, or would you prefer a puppy or kitten? The commitment is quite different.

Along with lots of fun and excitement, your new family addition brings change. Read below for a few things to consider before entering into Pet Parenthood.

For Pets in General

Your wallet
Food, veterinary care, training, toys, litter, pet carriers, and occasional day or overnight care are all expenses you’ll need to budget for over the coming years. Are you ready for this?

Your furniture
Cats and canines have an uncanny ability to zero in on your expensive couch when they feel a need to gnaw or sharpen claws. And accidents will happen. If you’re upset by occasional destruction and can’t fence off the more valuable areas of your house, consider a smaller pet that’s happy in a cage or aquarium.

Your clean quotient
Your pets will act like animals, guaranteed. They like to share their fur, leave toys laying around and never wipe their feet. It’s fine if you don’t mind a little extra cleaning, but if you subscribe to House Perfect, consider a smaller pet or adopt a cleaning service at the same time.

Your nose
It’s the rare person who’s allergic to fur — you or a member of your family may be that person. If you’re not sure if dander makes you sneeze, test out your neighbor’s cat or dog first.

Your plans
If you have a big change in your near future, a move or a baby, it’s best to wait before bringing that four-legged friend home.

For Dogs Only
Dogs are pack animals. They love to socialize! It’s important to remember that they will not be happy left out in the yard or for long hours at home alone. If you’re considering adding a dog to your family, remember, it’s critical to commit to spending several hours a day with your new pet.

For Cats Only
Kittens also have endless energy. Caring for a kitten is a lot like caring for a baby — they need nearly constant supervision! With an adult cat, on the other hand, you’re more likely to know what you're getting in terms of personality and appearance. You can tell whether or not an adult cat is the type to sit on your lap, for example. If you’re considering adding a cat or kitten to your family, consider your age and lifestyle, and choose accordingly.

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