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Find the right travel carrier

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Carriers are designed to keep your pet safe and secure when traveling - be it an excursion across the country or just down the street. Your choice of carriers can be classified into two categories: hard carriers and soft pet carriers.

Hard carriers
These are generally made of a high-density polypropylene, are durable and are the only type of crate accepted on airlines. Padded, washable foam pads are available to make the crate a little more comfortable.

Soft carriers
These are made of a softer, more flexible material and are used for transporting small pets on short travels. They are equipped with handles and have "windows" for the pet to see out. Some airlines allow pets to travel in the main cabin under your seat, and these soft carriers are ideal for this. Make sure you allow adequate space for the pet to stand up, move around, and be comfortable.


Always check with your airline to ensure a carrier you're considering is accepted by the airline.

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