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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > For Last Minute Gift Ideas Whimsey Wins

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Pets


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Need last-minute gift ideas for the pets on your holiday shopping list?

Industry experts suggest gifts that are fancy, whimsical and aromatic. They're ideal for any pet and reflect the latest trends, so even though you waited until the last minute to buy it, it won't look like you did.

PetSmart's Dog Fashion Expert Rashell Cooper recommends giving gifts that pamper like dog sweaters and coats featuring faux fur, tweed and animal prints. "Look for fashion that also meets function in the form of quilted reflective jackets and reversible vests."

The best way to wish felines and their Pet Parents Feliz Navidad is with gifts of luxurious cat beds and fancy cat collars and charms, says Cat Expert Heather Tobey Anderson.

Don't leave the small pets out in the cold this holiday season. Try fun and colorful habitats and scented bedding. These two gift suggestions are especially ideal for tweens looking to give their gerbils or hamsters a more colorful, contemporary environment. And their parents will appreciate the pleasant scent from the bedding.

Sometimes the basics just can't be beat, at least from the dog's perspective, that's why rawhide, bones and chews always make great last-minute gifts.

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