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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > Frequently Asked Questions About Premium Cat Food

Frequently Asked Questions About Premium Cat Food

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What are the benefits of Advanced Nutrition Foods?
Advanced Nutrition Foods are more digestive because they use higher quality proteins -- that means your pet gets more nutrients in every ounce of food. It also means you feed less, so there is around 20% less stool. Because you feed less, it only costs about 10-15 cents more per day to give your pet superior nutrition.

What are the higher quality ingredients in Advanced Nutrition Foods?
Premium foods use high quality animal proteins. Many basic pet foods use lower quality proteins such as Wheat Middling, Meat and Bone Meal and Wheat Mill Run.

My cat no longer likes her food, what should I do?
If you're already feeding an Advanced Nutrition Food, you can try mixing it with an Advanced Nutrition Food canned food to add more flavor. If you're feeding a basic pet food, switch to a higher quality Advanced Nutrition Food and transition to the new food over a 10 day period.

My cat's coat looks dull, can Advanced Nutrition Food help make his coat shiny?
Yes. Try feeding a food which has more amino acids for a shinier coat.

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21 Apr 2010 4:32 pm

catwoman888 said:

is a very good question disciple54jil what is described as advanced nutrition and how we do that/

05 Apr 2010 5:30 pm

disciple54jil said:

How does a parent know if it's "advanced nutrition" or not? It's pretty easy to label food as such... is there a "list" of ingredients to watch for? Or a ratio or something?

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