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Fun Facts about Bearded Dragons


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  • The name bearded dragon is derived from the fact that when these reptiles "puff up," the spiny skin under their throats looks like a beard.


  • In June 2008, Zak-n-Wheezie, the longest-living two-headed bearded dragon on record celebrated their first birthday.


  • The deserts and semi-arid scrub lands of southeastern Australia are home to the bearded dragon outside of captivity.


  • Bearded dragon refers primarily to the species known as Pogona vitticeps and belongs to the family Agamidea.


  • When properly cared for, Beardies can live 10-12 years!


  • Males can grow to about 16-24 inches while females are usually smaller.


  • To prevent overheating, a Beardie can make its skin a very light color that deflects heat.


  • Many bearded dragons learn to "wave"—the Beardie will rest on three legs and raise one of its front arms then slowly wave in a circular motion.

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