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Functional Toys and Treats


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Toys are more than a fun way for your baby to play - they're important tools for her training and social development. Different toys serve different purposes. For instance, toys for individual play keep her busy and happy when you're gone and give her a safe and enjoyable outlet for her energy, stress and chewing. Just remember that chew toys and treats are designed to withstand specific levels of chewing.

So, to keep your pet safe, you'll need to recognize her chewing behavior before giving her any toy or treat. By now, you know how important you are to her, so it's easy to why she can get bored or anxious when you're gone. Leaving her stressed and with nothing to do can lead to destructive chewing. Combining an interesting variety of toys with the right training can prevent her from commandeering your favorite shoes and gnawing them to shreds.

It's a lot of fun shopping for doggie toys and treats - especially picking the ones you know she's going to love. Try giving her about five toys at a time, and then switch them out every week. This way, she'll stay interested, content and happy.

Naturally, chewy treats, like a rawhide, will keep her happy and occupied when you need to provide her with a distraction. Crunchy biscuits make for good occasional treats and will help clean her teeth. Most of them are nutritionally complete, so they're a fun way to supplement a healthy diet for your dog.

Treats are also used in reward-based training. Those small, yummy smelling treats are what professional instructors recommend for training your dog. By immediately rewarding her with something delicious, she'll want to do whatever she can to get more. But, you'll have to reward her for desirable actions immediately - wait too long and she won't know why she got the treat. On the other hand, if you give her too many treats, they'll no longer be special and she won't make an effort to work for them.

By taking a reputable training program, you can ensure that you'll learn the best, most efficient ways to prompt your pup. There is a wide variety of toys and treats ideal for your dog's training needs, breed, temperament and age.

For more information, check out PetSmart's Dog Toy Buying Guide at PetSmart.com.

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29 Jan 2010 2:04 pm

Wild Eagle said:

Good info Thanks

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