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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > Green Paw Print Tip 7 Buy Sustainable Durable Products Or Get Crafty

Green Paw Print Tip #7: Buy sustainable, durable products or get crafty!

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Good old fashioned fun doesn’t have to harm our environment. Buy durable, long-lasting toys that your pet won’t tear up or shred in a matter of minutes. You can even find toys made of recycled materials and sustainable fibers, organic cotton or even recycled plastic bottles.

Or spend some time making toys for your pet—all it takes is an afternoon to turn those old socks into a great tugging toy or a catnip-filled delight for your feline. Extra yarn or fabric that is sitting idly around house can be easily transformed into plush toys with little more than basic knitting and sewing skills. And when you’re starting your journey down the path to become a full-scale Do-It-Yourselfer, remember that your pets don’t care what their toys look like—they just want something fun to play with!

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