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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > Guest Blog Doggies And Stuff Holiday Gift Review

Guest Blog-Doggies and Stuff Holiday Gift Review


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The girls were pretty excited when the box from PetSmart arrived.  Ok, maybe I was a little more excited than they were at first but then the box opened and Kiko dove right in.  Kiko got the new Martha Stewart Pets Nordic Dog Sweater.  As you will see below, she looks amazing in it.  Simply ADORABLE!  Martha has style, so I had no doubt that the Nordic Sweater, available at PetSmart only, would be hot to trot.  I’m giving Martha a high-five on this one.  Kiko is about to be the talk of the town as she struts her stuff right into her favorite doggy daycare this week for a romp with her best buds.  They will be asking their pet parents for one this holiday season. Pssst…it’s only $19.99!  Hurry and get yours now!

I should mention that in addition to the super savvy Nordic Sweater, Martha Stewart Pets Gift Collection includes other adorable apparel, Squeaker Ball Collection, the ever-popular Inside/Out Collection, Neoprene Collection and Crochet Collection.

New to PetSmart are the PetHoliday™ Holiday Dazzler Duck Toss Dog Toys.  They are made from heavy duty nylon and are perfect for toss ‘n retrieve games, as you can see in the video.  They each have two squeakers, so if your dog is squeaker crazy like Kiko and Millie…this is the toy for you.  The Holiday Dazzler Duck Toss Dog Toys make great stocking stuffers.  They come in Dark Green, Green, and Red and come in medium, large and extra large.  Priced between $6.99-12.99.

Also available exclusively at PetSmart this holiday season is a collection of Fisher-Price® toys for dogs.  Yep…I said it, “FISHER-PRICE“.  I certainly remember my Fisher-Price toys!  Do you?  My Fisher-Price phone was the bomb.  I LOVED my Fisher-Price phone!  I’d love to hear what your favorite Fisher-Price toy was.  The toys they have available for dogs features items such as the Xylobone™, Chatter Pup Telebone™ and Ruff-a-Stack™.   The peanut-butter scented toys range in price from $7.99-$11.99.  The gang received the wobbly Frisky Feline Squeaky Chew Dog Toy priced at $9.99.  Millie had a kick playing with it.

Another exclusive to PetSmart collection is the Holiday KONG Wubba and Squiggles Gift Collection: Kong Snugga Wubba for dogs and Kong Squiggles Cat Toys.  My girls love their Kong toys, so I have no doubt that these toys will be popular with them.  These also make great stocking stuffers!  Priced between $4.99-13.99.  These interactive Kong toys have powerful squeakers that will surely knock your socks off.

Have a large dog that likes to snuggle? The Big Belly Gift Collection is perfect!  These round stuffed animals are meant for the big dogs and made to be their snuggle buddies.  Riley often snuggles with Chance, who was part of the Luv-A-Pet Collection last year.  I’ll tell you more about that in a moment.  These barnyard-themed stuffed animals are perfect for dogs like Riley.  Priced at $14.99, you can choose between a billy goat, pig, cow, horse and dog.

Finally, PetHoliday™ 3D Flatty Dog Toys are meant for the dogs that love to pull stuffing out of their toys.  What dog doesn’t do that is what I want to know?  If your dog is obsessed with stuffing this is the perfect toy because they are stuffingless!  They are available in Santa, snowman, reindeer and penguin holiday characters and are priced between $4.99-7.99.

Chance and Lucky

Before we sign off I wanted to share something important with you.  Chance the dog and Lucky the Cat help Homeless Animals through PetSmart Charities.  10% of the purchase of each Luv-A-Pet Holiday Gift will go to PetSmart Charities.  Please help give homeless pets a “Chance” by purchasing from the Luv-A-Pet Collection, exclusive to PetSmart.  You can purchase Chance or Lucky or both, in addition to Cat Slippers and Dog Slippers (which are super cute).  Also available are Luv-A-Pet ornaments and a holiday card.  Prices start at $5.00.

All the items above are endorsed and recommended by Doggies and Stuff.  When shopping this holiday season remember PetSmart and PetSmart.com and all the good work they do.  We just held our first special adoption event at a local PetSmart for the Missouri Dogs we rescued from a puppy mill.  They work closely with local rescues to hold adoption events throughout the country on most weekends.  Remember: Adopt!  Don’t Shop!

Stay tuned for more PetSmart recommendations from Doggies and Stuff.

Disclaimer: I received a Martha Stewart Nordic Dog Sweater, a Fisher-Price toy and a Dazzler for review purposes.  I received no compensation for my posting and all opinions are strictly my own honest opinions of the products mentioned here.


Blog originally posted on November 29, 2010 at doggiesandstuff.com. Reprinted with permission


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Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)


20 Dec 2010 9:37 pm

Kimt313 said:

Petsmart is awesome! Our rescue group works with Petsmart, too - and there are so many, many pets who've found homes thanks to this company - and with assistance for caring for them in the meantime!
I'm jealous of the goodies you received!!

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