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Help Be Kind To Animals Week Last All Year

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Although most Pet Parents adore their pets and understand about their feelings and needs, many people have had no opportunity to learn that kind of compassion.  One way to help animals is to teach kindness and encourage responsible pet care.

Children of any age can begin to learn about pets’ feelings, not to tease or harm pets, and the basics of pet care. When children learn kindness and compassion towards animals, they are more likely to grow up to become responsible pet owners. Learning compassion towards animals also leads to more compassion for other people.

According to its web site, the American Humane Association launched Be Kind to Animals Week in 1915 to celebrate the special bond between pets and people, and the event is still held every year in May. However, there are always opportunities for lessons of compassion.  Here are some simple things you can do throughout the year to show - and teach - kindness to animals:

- Listen to your pet.  Observe the ways that animals show how they feel and what they need. 

- Help your local animal adoption agency. Whether you donate money, time, or items from their wish list, you will be helping them care for homeless pets.

- Adopt a pet. Give a homeless pet what he needs – you!

- Spay or neuter your pet.  This simple surgery prevents your pet from contributing to the pet overpopulation that leads to the abandonment of over 10 million pets each year.

- Be a responsible Pet Parent. Provide water, food, shelter, veterinary care, and identification for your pets. 

- Use positive training methods. Pets learn best when treated with respect.

- Report animal cruelty. If you see someone hurting a pet, call your local animal control to report the incident. Your call could save a pet’s life.

- Share kindness. Teach the people in your life, especially children, about the importance of being kind to animals.

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