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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > Home Security Tips For Your Family And Pets

Home Security Tips for Your Family and Pets

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Pets are an important part of the family. Losing them or seeing them seriously injured would be devastating, especially if you can do something to prevent it. Help make your home safer and more secure for your family and your pets with the following home security tips:

Install a monitored security system
If your dog is at home alone during an emergency, he could be injured and overlooked by responders.  
Consider monitored smoke detectors
Unlike battery-operated smoke detectors, monitored home smoke detectors are connected to a monitoring center and can alert your security provider about potential fires. Emergency agencies can be notified and rescue your pet, even if you’re not home.

Lock up
Home safety equipment, such as reliable dead-bolt door locks and sturdy window latches, not only help prevent break-ins, they can prevent your pet from accidentally being let outside. Be sure all doors are securely closed and locked so pets can’t accidentally open them.

Make noise
Tune the stereo or TV to your favorite station when you leave the house. To a burglar, it means that someone's home. TV shows featuring animals can also be comforting to your pets and help prevent boredom while you’re gone.

Don't provide access
Close and lock garage doors to protect valuables stored there and to prevent access to your house. You also want to make sure pets who have access to your garage aren’t accidentally let outside.

Be careful with spare keys
If you leave a spare key outside, be creative.

• Burglars routinely check under flowerpots and welcome mats and on window ledges.
• Make sure your pet can’t get to it and accidentally swallow it.

Have your home watched while you're away
Ask a neighbor to collect newspapers and mail when you're away.

Get involved
In addition to following these home safety tips and solutions, team up with your neighbors and form a crime watch program. Your local police can help you get started.
Information provided by Broadview Security

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