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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > Home Sweet Home Rabbit Housing

Home Sweet Home-Rabbit Housing

Content provided by Oxbow

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You can keep your rabbit inside the house and easily train him to use a litter box. However, your rabbit will also want a place to call his own. Choose a large crate or habitat with a solid floor that is tall enough to allow your rabbit to stand on his hind legs and stretch out. Keep your rabbit's home clean and wash your hands before and after handling your pet or cleaning his home.

To litter box train your rabbit, line a litter container with one-half inch of litter material and place a handful or two of hay at one end of the box. If the habitat has a wire grated bottom, a litter container can be a soft resting place. Removable litter containers are easy to clean.

Once your rabbit is litter trained, you can allow him to hop around outside of the habitat. Be sure you rabbit-proof the area, as rabbits love to chew. Check cords and make sure outlets are covered. Place house plants out of reach and monitor your pet during playtime. Also make sure that rabbits are kept away from any dogs or cats in your home.

To make your rabbit feel more at home, include toys and make grass hay and clean water available at all times. Place your rabbit's home near household activities, but away from drafts.

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