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How to Control Unwanted Jumping


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When dogs greet each other, they usually sniff muzzles. Dogs that jump up on people to greet them wish to make contact with the person's face. Dogs may also jump up on people and grab their clothes or limbs in an effort to play. To prevent unwanted jumping, it's important to teach him an acceptable alternative behavior for social interactions.

While teaching your dog not to jump, do not change his sociable nature. You're not trying to change your dog's friendly nature, just modify it so he doesn't persistently jump on people. Most dogs are motivated by attention. Removing that attention becomes a powerful tool to take attention away from the dog until he behaves properly. One way to do this is to teach your dog to sit then allow social interaction. Everyone who interacts with your dog should ask him to sit as he approaches.

1. If he sits, bend down to greet him.

2. If he jumps up, immediately stand up, fold your arms and stare at the ceiling, repeating the signal to sit.

3. As soon as he sits, continue with the greeting.

It won't be long before your dog learns that he doesn't get your attention unless he is sitting. Never use force when teaching your dog not to jump on people.

If the jumping is not improving, you should talk to your pet trainer, who can advise you on other positive training methods.

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