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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > How To Keep Cats From Counter Hopping

How to Keep Cats from Counter-Hopping

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Cats have a natural love for vertical exploration as well as amazing jumping abilities, as most Pet Parents have witnessed. But, for safety's sake, sometimes keeping your cat from jumping onto certain places may be in order, for example, a hot stove or a bucket on a kitchen counter filled with a cleaning solution.

Here are some ways to keep cats off kitchen counters and other inappropriate surfaces.

Make it stick. Apply sticky tape to the edge of the surface. Cats dislike the feel and it may discourage an attempt to jump onto the surface.

Foil it. Apply strips of aluminum foil to the "no go" surface. Cats dislike the feel and noise of foil.

Shake things up. In a clean aluminum can, add a few pennies and tape the opening closed. When you see your cat start to jump on the counter, shake the can loudly.

Go the spray way. There are several non-toxic products on the market that spray on surfaces and act to deter cats from the surface.

Add a little impulse. Products like Scat Mat® emit a mild, harmless static pulse when your cat touches it and soon learns to avoid that surface.

Give them their own climbing surface. Consider investing in a cat tower or climbing tree. Purchase or build one that will hold your cat's interest so that she won't want to climb on anything else.

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