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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > How To Relieve Your Cats Stress

How to Relieve Your Cat's Stress


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Some of the most common causes of cat stress are: changes in the immediate environment, introduction of a new pet into the family, sudden loud noises, unfamiliar smells or the absence of certain family members.

Some signs of stress include: hiding, unusual fearfulness or aggression, excessive vocalizing, urine marking, changes in eating habits or eliminating outside the litter box.

If you notice signs of stress in your cat, try to identify the cause and then take steps to help your cat cope. In many situations, spending more time with her while gently grooming and speaking softly to her can be wonderfully calming. If an environmental change is the trigger, try to slowly get your cat used to the new situation.

If your cat's stress doesn't seem to diminish within a few days, have a talk with your vet about other ways of treating her, which in some cases may even include anti-anxiety medications.


Something Extra: Vitamins and Supplements for Cats
Supplements are available to address a number of health needs including:

Skin and Coat - if you've ruled out fleas as a cause of your cat's excessive itching, the most likely culprit is dry skin. A supplement rich in essential fatty acids will help with dry skin, plus make her coat extra-shiny.

Joint Pain and Stiffness - your cat's age, size and breed may all be factors contributing to painful, stiff joints. Look for supplements that contain ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin or cosequin to help ease pain and stiffness.

Anxiety - being left home alone, thunderstorms or unfamiliar guests can all leave your cat feeling a little anxious. Look for natural supplements with ingredients like chamomile or valerian to help ease anxiety.

Please talk with your vet before starting your cat on a vitamin or supplement program. The desired effects may not be apparent for a period of weeks or months depending on the type of supplement being used. Ongoing supplementation may be necessary to maintain desired effects once achieved.

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