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Keeping Your Rabbit Healthy

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One of the keys to Pet Parenting rabbits is to be prepared—a little knowledge will help you anticipate the care your rabbit needs to feel constantly comfortable and secure.

Vet Trips
Regular veterinarian visits are a crucial part of keeping your pet healthy and happy. At each visit, your pet will be weighed and examined. Be ready to answer basic questions about your pet's diet and behavior.

Dental Issues
Your herbivore's teeth are continuously growing. Chewing on hay helps to naturally wear down teeth. Watch for loss of appetite or weight loss, which can indicate dental issues.

Feed your rabbit a controlled diet of healthy foods in correct proportions. This includes hay, water, and pellets. Give treats sparingly and make it a healthy one (low in sugar and simple carbs).

Rabbits need regular interaction with you to stay socialized and happy. They also need at least an hour out of their cage each day for play and exercise.

Remember to always consult your veterinarian with questions about your rabbit's health.

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