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New pet parent responsibilities


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As a Pet Parent, you are responsible for your pet's health and well being. Before adopting a new pet, take into consideration some of the responsibilities of a Pet Parent:

Unplanned breeding is a root cause of pet overpopulation, which results in over five million pets being euthanized each year. That’s why all PetSmart Charities Adoption Partners spay and neuter their pets. If a pet is not spayed or neutered when you adopt it from a PetSmart Charities Adoption Partner, the agency will have a program in place to ensure that you can spay or neuter your pet after adoption.

Veterinary care
Your new pet will have received basic health screening and vaccinations before adoption. However, you should take your new family member to a veterinarian within 24 hours of adoption for a thorough physical and to learn about preventive healthcare needs.

Landlord permission
If you are a renter, find out if you’re permitted to have pets and, if so, what restrictions are placed on them. Follow those rules and, if you move, make sure your new rental unit will also permit your four-legged family member.

Companion pets
Pets are most likely to have a long, happy life as household companions. Some agencies may require all members of your household to be present prior to adoption.

Exercise and elimination accommodations
Some dogs may require a fenced yard. Talk to your Adoption Counselor about the needs of the dog you are interested in. Also, scratching is a normal cat behavior so be sure you can provide your new feline friend with safe and approved indoor scratching areas. If you require a declawed cat, talk to your Adoption Counselor.

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