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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > Options For Safe Car Travel With Your Pet

Options for Safe Car Travel with Your Pet


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Whether driving five miles to the store or 2,000 miles on vacation, Pet Parents enjoy bringing their pets along for the ride. According to a 2010 AAA survey, only 17% of Pet Parents use some form of pet restraint.

Pet safety is an important part of being a responsible Pet Parent and there are many options available for traveling safely with your pet. Here are a few:
Most harnesses fit over the chest of your dog to provide comfort, in the event of a sudden stop, and have the ability to clip into your car’s existing seat belt system.
Booster Seat
A booster seat allows smaller dogs to enjoy the window view without compromising safety. The seat connects to your car’s seat belt system and can be used with a tether or harness to keep your pet in place while you drive.
Whether in the car or in the air, crates can help safely transport dogs, cats, birds, and small pets. Crates have a seat belt slot to ensure that your pet stays safely in place. Your pet should be able to comfortable stand, turn around, and lie down in his crate. When traveling by plane, be sure to check for specific airline requirements.
If your dog is a jumper or nudges you while you drive, a barrier might be just the thing you need. Barriers effectively block your pet from reaching or jumping into the front of the car and distracting the driver.
With the right safety precautions, bringing your pet along for the ride can be a rewarding and fun experience. See you on the road!  

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Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)


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