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Picking the Perfect Pet for You

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Thinking about adopting a pet? Congratulations - not only will you be making a great new addition to your family, but you will be giving a homeless pet a forever home. Before you visit the shelters, here are a few things to consider when choosing a pet:

Are you a morning person -- or willing to become one?
Dogs and cats are early risers — you’ll need a good sense of humor about the morning wake-up call, even on weekends! Dogs need to go out right away, and cats like to be fed as soon as they wake up. If you don't like to get up early, consider adopting a small pet, which will be happy to wait for you to wake up. Birds awake with the sun and are likely to start singing or chirping at first light.

Do you keep a regular schedule?
If you are thinking of adopting a dog, you’ll need to adopt a regular schedule, too. Young pets, like their human counterparts, need quality play and cuddle time from you. Do your work and travel schedules allow for this?

If you spend more than eight hours a day at work, a dog may become bored or depressed and could even become destructive. If you are away from your house for long periods of time each day, consider a cat or a small pet that can easily entertain itself.

Are there children in your home?
Different pets are appropriate for different ages. Children under five can’t often tell if they’re being too rough with pups or kittens. More patient adult pets are a better match for them.

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