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Poop Bags to the Rescue


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Cleaning up after your dog is more than a matter of being a responsible Pet Parent. It also means being a good citizen of the earth. By simply carrying and using poop bags to clean up after your dogs during walks (or even in your own backyard) you can help keep pollution down and protect soil and aquatic life.

Parasites and illnesses in poop can infect other dogs who come into contact with it. It can even be transmitted to people. And no, dog poop doesn’t fertilize the soil (despite the common myth). Leaving it behind actually encourages other dogs to mark the same spot (by urinating or pooping in the same place) leading to nitrogen build up that can actually burn grass. Unscooped poop can also pollute near-by lakes and streams.
So do the dirty work! Poop bags make it easy to be courteous—and to contribute to the health of people, pets and aquatic life.

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