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Preventive Care - Fleas, Ticks, Heartworm

Banfield, The Pet Hospital®

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Preventive care is an important step in helping your Pet avoid common spring problems, like fleas, ticks and heartworm disease. Such pests aren’t just a nuisance for you and your Pet, but can lead to other serious medical problems. Your Banfield veterinarians offer these tips to prep your Pet for spring:
    • Use flea preventives – Fleas bite, especially in humid warm weather, but use of Advantage, Advantix, Vectra 3D, Vectra for Cats or Frontline can help keep these pests at bay. Stop in and we can help you decide which one would be best.
    • Watch out for ticks – Ticks, which can carry Lyme disease, hide easily on furry Pets. Protect your dog with Advantix, Vectra 3D or Frontline — stop in so we can help you decide which one is best for your Pet.
    • Avoid heartworm – Pets can become infected with heartworm disease from just one mosquito bite. The parasite can be fatal in both dogs and cats, so all dogs and cats should be on a monthly preventive. Stop in for advice or to pick some up right away. Pets need to be tested before started on medications.

    Information provided by Banfield, The Pet Hospital®. To find the closest Banfield in a PetSmart store near you, visit PetSmart.com.

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