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Reduce Your Pet's Snake Encounters

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Whlle snakes may be frightening to some of us humans, they are fascinating to your pet. And if your pet happens upon a snake, it could be a deadly encounter. Poisonous snake bites can be fatal to pets if not treated immediately and even non-venonomous snakes can pose a danger to your pet.

Help reduce the chances of your pet encountering a snake with these tips from the ASPCA:

In your yard:

  • Keep your yard free from undergrowth, overgrown grass or weeds, toys, lawn tools and other objects where snakes can hide.
  • If you're eating outside, make sure you clean up any food that could attract rodents to your yard. Rodents are a favorite food for snakes.

In the great outdoors:

  • Keep your dog on leash during hikes and avoid rocks, bushes and tall grasses.
  • Familiarize yourself with snakes that are indigenous to your area. Know the types of habitats they tend to frequent and if they are venonmous or not.

If you believe your pet has been bitten by snake, seek veterinary attention immediately.


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