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Saving Your Yard from a Digger


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Dogs dig for a lot of reasons, some breeds are naturally inclined to dig, some dig because they're hot and like to lay in the cool dirt, others dig because they're bored. If you have a digging problem, here are some helpful ways to have your dog and a beautiful yard coexist.

Divide the Yard in Two
If you have the space, designate a special area of the yard for your dog and separate it, by fencing, from other areas of the yard. Don't forget to make your dog's special area fun, too, by hiding treats and burying toys.

Ensure He Has Plenty to Do Every Day
Exercise your dog physically and mentally; a dog kept active is less inclined to dig. Interact with him by taking long walks, running or conducting training sessions. Provide your dog with plenty of interactive toys.

Trim His Nails
Keeping your dog's nails trimmed short can help make digging less efficient.

Keep Your Dog Indoors
A can't-miss cure for curbing digging is to keep your dog indoors if you can't be there to guide his behaviors.

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