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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > Smart Tips To Make Your Pet Budget Go Further

Stretch Your Pet Budget Further


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Is the economy nipping at your wallet? Make your pet budget go further with these handy tips: 

  • Keep dry food fresh and pest-free by storing in air tight containers. Example: Top Paw Airtight Pet Food Storage Container 
  • Invest in canned food lids for wet food to help prevent spoilage.
  • Make a can of wet food last a few more meals by mixing it with some kibble. It’s cost effective and can help keep your pet’s teeth clean. Consult your vet before modifying your pet’s diet.
  • Buy treats in resealable bags to keep them fresh.
  • Grow your own catnip with kits available at PetSmart and other retailers.
  • Help reduce vet visits by keeping your pet healthy with advanced nutrition diets, daily exercise, routine maintenance and vaccinations. Consider a Wellness Plan from Banfield, The Pet Hospital®.
  • Buy bulk sizes of food and other supplies.
  • Buy high-quality collars and leashes that can stand up to daily wear and tear.
  • If you have a new puppy, choose a crate with a divider panel that he can grow into. Check out PetSmart's Dog crate buying guide to help choose the right crate for you.
  • Brush your pets’ teeth regularly and comb their coats between grooming appointment — routine maintenance is vital to their health and well-being.
  • Keep an eye out for sales and coupon offerings on your pet’s favorite products. If you’re a PetSmart customer, use your PetPerks card for extra savings.
  • Many online retailers including PetSmart.com offer free or reduced shipping on certain purchase amounts. Save on shipping costs by combining your purchase with those of your friends, family and neighbors.
  • Save gas money and get a little exercise by walking your pet to your nearest PetSmart store. 

How do you make your pet budget go further? Share your tips here or on our message boards — it could be featured in an upcoming Pets.com featured article! 

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