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Sweet Dreams-Choosing a Cozy Bed


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There's Nothing Like a Cozy Bed

You've had a long day. You're tired and want to rest. Do you head for the nearest open spot on the hard floor, or do you head for that easy chair? Just as you prefer your chair, your dog also prefers the comfort and warmth of his own bed.

Some owners like to place the crate pad or bed in their pet's crate, and some prefer to place their pet's bed somewhere near where the family spends time, like in the family room or bedroom. Yet others have several beds located throughout the home so their pet has a choice. With the wide variety of colors, fabrics, styles, and materials, such as wicker, you're sure to find just the right bed. It's up to you and your dog. However, it's best to place any bed in a low traffic, out-of-the-way spot since it is a quiet resting place.

Types of Beds

All beds are not created equal! Different beds offer different benefits. Pillows are the most common types of beds. Pillows come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are filled with cedar chips that certainly add a pleasant aroma to the room. Cedar is also a natural flea repellent which will help prevent infestation of your dog. Many of these beds have a zippered inner liner so that you can add fresh cedar, or remove the polyfil so that your pet gets just the right firmness. Outer liners are easy to remove for laundering.

Mats are less bulky and usually fit nicely into a corner or inside a crate. Crate pads, specially designed to fit inside a crate, are made of a firm polyfoam and covered with a longlasting, washable nylon fabric.

Many dogs love the secure feeling a nest bed gives. Nest beds generally use a firm foam support that forms a sort of "wall" around the dog. These are just the thing for the dog that loves to "cuddle" up, and shorthaired, senior and arthritic dogs are especially fond of these.

Orthopedic beds are of great benefit to pets that develop joint problems such as hip dysplasia. They also benefit aging dogs, dogs with arthritis, or overweight dogs. These beds are made of a medical-grade polyfoam that provides support while helping to relieve pain and discomfort.

Heated beds also benefit arthritic dogs and dogs with joint problems. Also, if you live a part of the country that is cold, your dog may enjoy curling up on a heated bed. After all, wouldn't you?

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