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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > Tattooing Another Way To Keep Your Dog Safe

Tattooing: another way to keep your dog safe

PetSmart From the book “The American Pit Bull Terrier” Copyright 2006 by T.F.H. Publications

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Developed by the founders of the National Dog Registry, tattooing is a simple, affordable means of permanently identifying your dog. It is painless to a dog because as dog’s skin structure is so different from a human’s that the tattoo marker doesn’t need to be inserted very deeply into the dog’s epidermis, or outer skin layer. The best location for an identification tattoo is the inside of the thigh, where the hair is sparse and the numbers are readily seen.

Microchipping is another common way for vets and other pet professionals to identify your dog if he is lost. Read more on microchipping.

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