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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > The Benefits Of Hay For Rabbits

The Benefits of Hay for Rabbits

Content provided by Oxbow

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Grass hay, a source of long-strand fiber, is absolutely vital to the digestive health of your small herbivore. It prevents obesity, dental disease, boredom and diarrhea.

Hay should make up 75% of your rabbit's diet. Be sure to feed a variety of different hays for good health and to keep mealtime interesting!

Hay selecting tips:

  • Volume: Hay should make up the majority of your pet's daily diet. Hay should be available to your pet at all times.
  • Variety: Resist offering the same hay. Mix it up. Timothy Hay and Oat Hay is a great combination of taste and texture.
  • Variability: Hay is a product of nature; it will look and feel different.
  • Values: Pair with a company that is committed to your pet's health.

Rabbits less than a year old can receive alfalfa hay in addition to grass hay. After one year, alfalfa hay should be used only as a treat. Pregnant and nursing animals or rabbits recovering from illness have higher nutritional requirements and may benefit from alfalfa in their diets.


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