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The Steps to Adopt at PetSmart

PetSmart PetSmart

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As a Pet Parent, you are responsible for your pet's health and well being. This lifetime commitment includes providing your new pet with proper healthcare, grooming, pet training and nutrition and socialization, as well as spending quality time with your pet.

By adopting a pet from PetSmart Charities Adoption Program, you are helping to reduce pet overpopulation and saving a life.

How to adopt a pet through PetSmart Agency Partners

1. Search for a PetSmart store near you using the Store Locator.
2. Call the store you select to find out who the participating Adoption Partners are, their adoption costs and the times pets are available for adoption (times vary by store).
3. Visit the store and work with a counselor to find your perfect match to adopt.
4. Complete an application, answer questions about your home, other family pets and, possibly, have your home visited by the adoptions group.
5. The agency will make a final decision regarding the matching process.

The Adoption Fee
Before being placed for adoption, each pet will receive a health check and basic vaccinations, and sterilization. All local agencies charge a nominal adoption fee to help cover the cost of caring for the pets and preparing them for adoption. One hundred percent of these fees are kept by the local agency to assist in their rescue efforts.

When a pet is not a match
If the Adoption Partner determines that a pet isn’t a good match, and is unable to find a pet that fits your lifestyle and commitment level, you have some other options:

  • Consider adopting a different species altogether. Would a cat fit your lifestyle better than a dog would? Would a guinea pig be a better match than a cat?
  • Visit other in-store Adoption Agencies. Other PetSmart Charities Adoption Agencies or animal shelters in your community may have pets of a different size or breed type up for adoption.
  • If you are still unable to find a match, wait it out until your lifestyle or situation changes. Then, please come back in and contact the Adoption Agency again.


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