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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > Tips For Choosing A Halloween Costume For Your Pet

Tips for Choosing a Halloween Costume for your Pet


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You’ve probably thought about what you’ll wear this Halloween, but what will your pet wear? Here are some tips for helping you decide:

Choose a costume that reflects your pet’s personality

Does your cat behave like royalty? Dress her up as the princess she thinks she is. Or tell the world what a mischief-maker your pup is with a devil costume.

Consider the story of the wolf in sheep’s clothing

What about dressing your pet up as a different species? Your cat could masquerade as a mouse. Or, turn your dog into a bat for a fun evening of trick or treating.

Tag Team Halloween

Consider dressing your pet up in a costume that complements your own. Dressing as a cat for Halloween? Your cat can be your witch-y sidekick! Your busy dog can turn into a bee to match your outfit as a beekeeper. Or, get gussied up as a football player with your pup at your side as your own personal cheerleader!

Safety First

However you decide to dress your pet for Halloween, pick a costume that won’t obstruct your pet’s eyesight, impede movement and one that doesn’t include dangerous parts that can be ingested.

Keeping all of this in mind will ensure both you and your pet have a happy Howl-o-ween! 


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