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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > Tips For Costuming Your Pet Comfortably And Safely This Halloween

Pet Costume Tips & Tricks


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Dressing your pet up for Halloween? Just like with our human children, there are some safety issues to take into consideration when costuming your four-legged kids. So before you strap on that little witch hat or tie on those angel wings, here are some safety tips from the Humane Society of the United States to ensure you and your whole family have the best Halloween ever. 

  • Your pets should always have identification and registration tags on their collars. This simple little rule is even more important during this time of year when they will be exposed to many opportunities for escape. Think about how many times you open your door on Halloween night!
  • If your dog or cat doesn’t want to wear the costume, don’t force the issue. Try getting them comfortable with the costume first. Start early and depending on the intricacy of the disguise, start dressing them slowly and in pieces to gauge their reaction.
  • A costume should never confine, constrain or aggravate your pet. Anything that makes them uncomfortable can stress them out and make them unhappy.
  • Once the costume is on and is fitted properly, make sure there isn’t anything that could be a trip or burn hazard like a cape or long flowing hair.
  • Check the costume for little parts within biting or chewing distance. Remember, they’ll chew on anything they find remotely interesting, especially if they are in a nervous state.
  • Look closely at the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and throat of your dog or cat once they are dressed.  If you need to, make physical adjustments to the costume including cutting eye and ear holes or removing whole portions of the costume to increase their ability to see, hear and breathe.

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