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You are here: myPetSmart.com > Pet Care Library > Articles > Tips To Keep Your Cat Fit

Tips to Keep Your Cat Fit

PetSmart Kong

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Just like their human counterparts, cats these days are facing somewhat of an obesity epidemic. As cats have been moved indoors for their own safety and health, they have naturally gotten less exercise. Without prey to hunt and chase, it can be difficult for an indoor-only cat to maintain a healthy weight. However, there are some ways that you can help your feline friend.

Take time to play. Devoting even a few minutes each day to playing with your cat can give your cat some much-needed exercise. Try a KONG Swizzle Bird teaser or other interactive teaser toy. Watch your cat run around trying to capture the toy - you will be helping give her the healthy, natural exercise that comes with trying to catch prey.

Try a high-activity toy. Using a high-energy toy like a KONG Kickeroo will get your cat's blood circulating. This toy is specifically designed to encourage wrestling and active hind-leg kicking. You can practically see your cat working up a sweat as he tackles this bigger-than-average cat toy.

Consider taking a walk. Believe it or not, some cats can be trained to take walks on a leash just like dogs. However, if you live in a busy neighborhood, you might just want to walk a few minutes in the backyard rather than taking a chance encountering excitable dogs, stray animals or other neighborhood hazards. There are also some pet enclosures that you might want to consider to let your cat get some fresh air and exercise.

Don't overfeed your cat. It should go without saying, but diet is the other component that leads to an overweight cat. In addition to healthy exercise, be sure to measure the correct portions of food at mealtimes and cut back if you notice your cat gaining too much weight. (You may want to ask your veterinarian about foods specially-formulated for overweight or indoor cats). Limit between-meals snacks and treats as well.

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