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Wet and Dry Cat Food

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Many Pet Parents wonder if it's better to provide their cat a diet from a can or from a bag -- that is, feed their cat moist or dry food. Truth be told, most cats can thrive on any cat specific diet -- be it dry or canned--as long as it's complete and balanced for the special feline needs.

The following outlines a few major benefits of both wet and dry cat foods.


Wet Food Benefits Dry Food Benefits
  • Because it tends to be higher in fat, wet food is more palatable, attracting finicky eaters or cats that are ill and would otherwise not eat
  • The higher moisture content aids in hydration (important for cats that may have early kidney disease)
  • If your cat takes medication, wet food may be the only means to ensure the medicine is consumed


  • Crunchy texture help keep pet's teeth clean (though it's not a substitute for periodic teeth cleaning)
  • Greater amounts of fiber beneficial for healthy digestion
  • Greater choices available for specific health needs
  • Great for free-feeding as it won't dry out like moist food




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05 Jul 2010 10:43 am

cottoncandy5656 said:

nice it helps.

17 May 2010 2:00 am

brian8273 said:

thx,i've learned a lot

21 Apr 2010 4:28 pm

catwoman888 said:

Is really good to know thae facts about what to feed your cat but i wish i could know what brands are better than others?

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