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diesel will go berserk when somebody comes to the door,even if its people he's m...


diesel will go berserk when somebody comes to the door,even if its people he's met before and knows that they aren't a threat ( or should know ) to myself,or my grandfather. we have yelled no,squirted with water bottle ( he leaves but comes right back in less than a minute)punishment,and correction and even gotten the shock collar as a last resort he isnt neutered but shows no signs of aggression to other dogs typically other dogs will be aggressive towards him.can it be a adrenal related issue?

I wish I could help, but I'm not a vet, so I couldn't say whether or not it's an adrenal issue. Complete bloodwork and thyroid testing is always a good idea with behavior problems, especially aggression. You don't say how old he is, how long the behavior has been happening, how it ends, etc., so it's hard for me to give many specific suggestions. I would definitely recommend not using any physical punishment. Just put him away when someone comes for now, until you can work with a behaviorist to help you. If you add punishment like shock, yelling, squirt bottles, etc. it will increase his anxiety. He clearly is uncomfortable with the person at the door and punishment will not help him become more comfortable. I know it's frustrating for him to act that way, but it's much better to put him away and not let him practice the bad behavior. Until you find a professional to work with, I'd suggest implementing a program called "nothing in life is free". In the simplest terms, the dog has to do a behavior on cue for you, before he gets anything that he wants or needs. For instance, if he wants to go outside, you would ask him to sit or lie down. Once he performs the behavior, you let him outside. You can do this with all sorts of things, like putting on his leash, going through doors, being allowed on furniture, petting him, feeding him, playing with him, etc. This teaches him that he cannot get what he wants without going through you, he'll learn to defer to you (which will be useful, especially if his problem is strictly territorial), and routines make dogs comfortable. Whether he is insecure or overconfident, NILIF lets him know where he stands and what to expect. I'd look for a veterinary behaviorist (www.dacvb.org) or a certified trainer that specializes in behavior problems (www.apdt.com). Good luck!