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do you treat the outdoors for fleas first before treating the indoors or do you ...


do you treat the outdoors for fleas first before treating the indoors or do you treat the indoors then the dogs then the outdoors for fleas

An effective flea control program must address three points: treatment of the pet (or pets), the entire house (and car or motor home), and the yard (deck, garage, etc.). All pets that can contract fleas must be treated (fish, birds, reptiles, and small and furry Pets don't need treatment). There are many safe and effective products for adult pets as well as puppies (never use a flea product on puppies under 6 weeks old, in those cases, use a flea comb only). For house and vehicle treatment, begin with very thorough vacuuming. Be sure to get under everything, furniture, rugs, etc. Don't forget the basement or garage. Throw out the vacuum bag after use to prevent fleas from crawling back out. After cleaning, use a professional bomb or premise spray according to the label directions. Treat the entire area, even places not frequented by your dog. You may need to vacuum and treat furniture according to the manufacturers' recommendations as well. Be sure to remove all pets and family members from the area while spraying and wait until it is safe to return them.

Don't forget the environment. Treat as much of the yard as possible with a professional flea spray according to the label directions. Be sure to treat areas where your dog spends time, including decks or dog houses. Fleas like to hide in bark dust and leaf litter as well.
For safe and effective use, always read and follow the label directions for all flea control products.