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doesnt seem to drink enough water but will go outside and eat snow. is there som...


doesnt seem to drink enough water but will go outside and eat snow. is there something that can be done to encourage a better drinking habit? he drinks out of a metal bowl is there a possiblity that the bowl is changing the taste of the water? should i use plastic or glass instead? what do you recommend? also he hoovers his food ive tried pulling it away while he eats, another bowl upside down inside of his food bowl (that he just flips out)can you recommend anything for this instead of a rock or a ball that he'd just end up playing with?

I"d talk to your vet about whether or not he's getting enough water. He might just enjoy eating snow. If he eats canned food or any food with a higher moisture content, that will decrease the amount of water he drinks. Experimenting with different bowls can't hurt. As for slowing him down while eating, you could try spreading his food out in a muffin tin so he has to eat little bits out of all the different holes. You could also try some of the food dispensing toys like the Tricky Treat Ball or Buster Cube. They are meant to be played with, but they would definitely slow him down.

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