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Hi! My name is Latoya and I adopted a Maltezu (maltese/shih-tzu) last month. H...


Hi! My name is Latoya and I adopted a Maltezu (maltese/shih-tzu) last month. He is now 3 months old. He is a great dog and I am having soooo much fun getting to know him, but one of the main problems I am having is biting. He loves to bite me while I'm trying to play with him, which makes playtime not so fun for me. (lol) How do I get him to stop biting so that playtime can be enjoyable for the both of us???? Thanks!

Congratulations on the new puppy. Puppy biting is a really common problem. Your puppy just wants to play so he needs to learn that if he bites too hard, you'll stop playing with him. When he bites, squeal loudly in a high pitched voice, take your hands/arms/self away, and don't look at him. After 3-5 seconds, get a toy and try to engage him again to play, but with a toy. If necessary, you could walk away and leave the room until he calms down. He will quickly learn that if he wants to keep his playmate, he has to be nice. Also, make sure he gets plenty of exercise and plenty of sleep. Lack of either can make the biting worse. If you are consistent he should outgrow it in the next couple of months. I'd avoid grabbing his muzzle or anything like that as you're likely to scare him or anger him (both of which can later backfire).