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Hi my name is Theresa and im the new owner of a Shih tuz and Bichen mix. I have ...


Hi my name is Theresa and im the new owner of a Shih tuz and Bichen mix. I have never owned a dog before and i just want to know what are some of the thing I need to do before he comes home in 2weeks? Things like what to feed him and etc.....

Congrats on your new dog! Here is a list of recommended pet products along with links to information regarding new pet know how:
Tie Out
I.D. Tag
First-Aid Supplies
Dog or Puppy Care Book
Advanced Nutrition Food
Water & Food Bowls
Food Scoop/Storage Bin
Indoor Potty Pads
Stain & Odor Removers
Pooper Scooper
Training Treats
Training Toys
Dog Door
Training Books & Videos
Flea & Tick Products
Nail Clippers
Dental Products
Toys & Treats
Solo/Playing Toys
Dog Biscuits
Rawhide Natural Treats
Soft & Chewy "Reward" Treats

You didn't mention the age of your new dog but if you are getting a puppy, you may want to puppy-proof your home.

Collect all small and breakable objects, such as anything that can break or that's small enough to swallow, and put them into a room that's off-limits to your puppy. (Naturally, you'll keep the door to this room closed at all times.)

Get down on your hands and knees and pretend you're a puppy. Sound ridiculous? Maybe, but it works. Seeing your home from a puppy's eyes level will help you spot anything dangerous. For instance, do your tablecloths have fringes that hang down? Do you have lots of electrical cords that your puppy could chew? And what about the garbage? Can your puppy get into it?

Make sure all toxins, such as bathroom and kitchen cleaners, are secured in a cabinet with a latch.

Some common houseplants are poisonous. (Your vet can give you a complete list.) Consider moving your plants into the 'off-limits" room.

Unplug all small appliances when you're not using them.

Inspect your home for any frayed electrical cords that can shock your puppy if he tries to play with them.

Cords hanging from blinds can be deadly. Your puppy can hang himself if he gets tangled in one of these cords. Cut blind cords, wrap them tightly around a bracket or tape them tightly to the top of your window.

Be certain all doors that lead to the outside shut tightly. Watch windows too. If your puppy is large, he may be able to crawl out of a low window.

Of course, you will want to ensure that you have a good veterinarian.