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Hi. We just adopted a 4yr old Siberian Husky. She has been wonderful and is ju...


Hi. We just adopted a 4yr old Siberian Husky. She has been wonderful and is just the sweetest thing on the planet. I bought Purina Dog Food and she doesn't seem interested...she has eaten a little, but not very much. I am concerned I am not giving her the right type of food. Any suggestions? Should I be giving her canned food? HELP!! :o) She did just get fixed 6days ago - would that have anything to do with it as well? Should I wait it out and see if her appetite gets better before I go changing anything or should I be concerned? Let me know - Thank you kindly!

The Siberian requires a relatively small amount of food for her size, thanks to a very efficient metabolism. She needs the energy that food gives her but operates fully on less food per 1 pound (0.5 kg) of body weight than other breeds her size. A high-quality, age-appropriate diet is best.

I would avoid feeding excessive treats or different types of food as your dog may learn that if she hold out long enough, she will get something better. While they may skip a meal or two, dogs will generally eat their regular food if they do not get offered something else. The consistency of a regular diet is best for their digestion.